Bell North America Corporation

    Today, Bell North America Corporation is a communications and technology company which focuses on use of technology for Business Communications, and Public Relations.

Organized in the 19th Century, Bell North America is the advanced research and development wing of an ancient R&D laboratory which, until 1984, exclusively performed R&D for government clients.  For many years, the company had a direct contractual relationship with the Bell System, hence the name "Bell" in the corporation.  Note, however, such is not to imply that Bell North America Corporation has any relationship legally to any Bell System company nor to AT&T or the Applied Physics Laboratory.  Commonly referred to as "Bell-Nac", the predecessor lab worked closely with RCA and with AT&T Bell Labs and with Westinghouse Corporation.

From 1984 to 2000 the company was known as AB Lab ("Ab-Lab"), when it was acquired by a newly formed corporation, Bell North America Corporation. 

Research projects.

The company maintains a portfolio of advanced research and development projects.  Past projects have included:

Prior to the end of World War II

  1. Rotary Switching Contacts and Springs for Telephones and early Telephone Switching devices
  2. Paper cut clip mechanism for high speed punched card duplication
  3. A universal keyboard for teletype and typewriter applications
  4. A fast paper tape cutter for teletype storage
  5. A gas display system for television.
  6. An advanced proximity detector for use in targeting
  7. A high performance gas triode tube used for power management in transmitters
  8. An advanced numerically based decoder for encrypted transmissions
  9. A plating system that enhanced Radar operation

Examples Since World War II

  1. An amplifier that was based on silicon triode (transistor) technology
  2. A way to sandwich transistors onto a layered component (preceded the integrated circuit)
  3. A means to mount components on phenolic circuit boards (a form of glue)
  4. A method of soldering circuit boards using a liquefied solder wave
  5. A series of transmission wavelet controllers today commonly in use in cell phones and cordless / wireless technology
  6. A control technology that senses position with respect to gravity used in flight control and guidance
  7. A ground based radio link that can be used to land jet aircraft
  8. A stored program computer that could manipulate data in 1 to 4 chunks of 8 bit bytes
  9. A magnetic domain control technique that made it possible to store information on Drum devices, later used extensively in hard disk drives
  10. A coating system making it feasible to allow light to emit from a Laser crystal
  11. A way of coiling wire that makes a hyper-toroidal array possible.  Used in Tokomak.
  12. Plug component developed for AT&T that became the "RJ" (Registered Jack) series.

from Wikipedia:
RJ-11 and RJ-45
is a
physical interface often used for terminating twisted pair type cables. RJ stands for Registered Jack which is part of the United States Code of Federal Regulations. It has six pins or electrical connections.

Network RJ-45 Wiring (EIA/TIA-568B)
Pin Pair Wire Color Pins and wire codes
1 2 1 Pair 2 Wire 1 white/orange 25 Pair Color Code Chart
2 2 2 Pair 2 Wire 2 orange
3 3 1 Pair 3 Wire 1 white/green
4 1 2 Pair 1 Wire 2 blue
5 1 1 Pair 1 Wire 1 white/blue
6 3 2 Pair 3 Wire 2 green
7 4 1 Pair 4 Wire 1 white/brown
8 4 2 Pair 4 Wire 2 brown

Telephone signal polarisation and cable wiring in RJ-11

RJ-61/8P8C, RJ-25/6P6C, RJ-14/6P4C and RJ-11/6P2C Wiring
8P8C 6P6C 6P4C 6P2C Pair Wire T/R +/- Color Old
1       4 1 T4 + Pair 4 Wire 1 white/brown  
2 1     3 1 T3 + Pair 3 Wire 1 white/green  
3 2 1   2 1 T2 + Pair 2 Wire 1 white/orange Pair 2 Wire 1 Old black
4 3 2 1 1 2 R1 - Pair 1 Wire 2 blue/white Pair 1 Wire 2 Old red
5 4 3 2 1 1 T1 + Pair 1 Wire 1 white/blue Pair 1 Wire 1 Old green
6 5 4   2 2 R2 - Pair 2 Wire 2 orange/white Pair 2 Wire 2 Old yellow
7 6     3 2 R3 - Pair 3 Wire 2 green/white  
8       4 2 R4 - Pair 4 Wire 2 brown/white  
  1. Software used to calculate the yield from a Nuclear Reactor
  2. Software capable of identifying ground based objects in a photograph
  3. Hardware design for a wearable computer system used in flight suits to monitor biological activity
  4. Design for a compact linear storage system using optical tape and optical disks
  5. Design for a three channel modem for use on POTS lines capable of 168 KBPS transmissions
  6. Design for a dual line six channel modem for use on dual POTS lines capable of 336KBPS transmissions
  7. Design for a digital upgrade to ISDN (ISDuplexN) capable of 672KBPS transmissions without resorting to DSL transmission
  8. Design for a digital upgrade to ISDuplexN (ISQN) capable of 1.348 MBPS transmission without resorting to T1 or DSL Transmission
  9. Design for a single, slim fiber line guide capable of supporting 20,000 B channels of digital communications, capable of low cost distribution throughout a community, suitable for telephony, television, and internet.
  10. Design for a cheap alternative to Liquid Crystal Displays using Fiber Optics and LEDs.
  11. Design of a large variety of mobil computing platforms.
  12. Design of the original Nvision HDTV platforms 525p, 1050p49 and 840i55 and a variety of additional designs.


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