Bell North America Corporation

Products and Services

Bell North America possesses a diverse business line card, ranging from Corporate Services to Manufacturing Fabrication to Public Relations to Communications Technologies to Freight Transportation to Venture Capital.  We provide the very best possible methods in all work efforts.  Here is a partial list of our mission.

Bumper to Bumper Product Engineering, Design, and Fabrication

Whether you are interested in having a new kind of MP3 or MPEG TV player unit, need a new kind of storage housing, want to bring a new Laptop or Server line to market, or prototype a complete studio, designed and engineered from the ground up, Bell North America Corporation can help.  We provide the strongest strategic technological product engineering and ramp up team in the industry, source engineering everything from Television and Computing solutions and networking, to final product delivery to your distribution supply chain.  Our outsource fabrication relations insure that we have adequate available bandwidth to meet any distribution requirement you may have.  Our costs are less for engineering and less for manufacture than any benchmark in the field, and that's part of our guarantee.  All of our work is performed to ISO9000 book standards, we can insure strategic products bear the quality you want and the low, low failure rates you need to be competitive in the modern world.  The advanced Central Distribution Control (CDC) group, manages everything from post prototyping to volume production, monitored constantly on a day to day basis from a single point of redundant control.  If you need foundation work, we have locations where anything from chipset design and development to software design and development can take place for far, far less than you imagined.  New products, redeveloped or evolved old products, or even pure research into what it would take to do a previously unimagined product... Bell can do.  Our offshore fab center yields nearly $9 billion dollars of fabrication annually in the small computer products (networking, wifi, router) and mobil computing industry.

Venture Capital Partnership

In 1997 through 2001, our Viceroy Hedge Fund program produced nearly $900,000,000 in excess capital fees paid into our financial services group.  From Viceroy I we created the Bell North America Venture Capital Partnership to invest in early stage high technology, transportation, energy and security systems small cap and startup companies.  At it's close, Viceroy I produced an unprecedented 64% annual yield average over five very stormy years in the investment market, largely from highly speculative real estate investments led by it's principal real estate speculation. As a result of remarkable work on capital liquidation and profit making in the foreign investment trust and Hedge Funding fields, with a definitive understanding of technology, led us into Viceroy II in 2002, which to date has yielded an unbelievable 65.4% ROI annually in the past 2.5 years.  All capital in the Partnership is private, and each partnership is limited to the extent of law.  We anticipate a fee based excess capital position from VII of nearly a billion dollars.  Principal in our investment strategy were extension of capital to newly organized REITs and GREITs, underwriting two large pharmaceutical clinical trials, and provision of special insurance instruments through Viceroy Assurance to large farms and a bottled water company in Arkansas as well as a new TV Show for interim production. Due to the success of Viceroy II, we are already forming Viceroy III.

In the meanwhile, with capital excess we formed a more than $900,000,000 (as of 2005) revolving capital base from which we invest in the Venture Capital Market with a unique ability to guide resources to startup and mid cap companies with exciting futures.  That means that each year, we invest about half of the funds on hand, and return to the base some amount greater than  that amount.  All investment is confidential and no claims are made to outsiders for investment purposes, the Viceroy and Bell North America Venture Capital Partnerships are not open to outside investors and none are solicited.

Bell North America Mortgage, Title and Judgment Company

Long, long ago, we became involved in the Real Estate activities of two NJ Banks, an Oil Company, One of the world's larest real estate as well as insurance companies and a telephone company (formerly one of the world's largest property owners).  Out of that activity came one of our most successful businesses, the Bell North America Mortgage (BNAM).

BNAM, now called BNAM Title and Judgment Company, has written and filed and recorded mortgage and lien filings and bankruptcy and dispossessment, and property sales records in every state of the Union and 130 countries, since 1935.  We have a vast, modern Database of filings that incorporates the automated records of liens, mortgages, deeds, and titles for every country and major / minor city and municipality in the United States.

We can file in under 3 hours, from paper preparation to completion and closing.  And it shows as our customers move their property and other requirements around to suit, we follow with a massive, highly accurate, highly secure automated prosecution system that prosecutes their filings in any state or city records office in the country, in fact in the world, on a same day basis.

Our acquisition of Alliant Express insures that, as Alliant has the ability to facsimile 100% accurate highest possible resolution originals with signatures in an electronically sound form and file directly with every Records and Clerk's office in any municipality, state, federal or judicial / agency office inside the USA and outside.

Alliant's Recordex Division can simultaneously archive any kind of record or document or thing known to man, with access to environmentally controlled preservation facilities and experts in document reconstruction and maintenance who can keep original documents as sound as the day the were first made.

Technology + Sprit, makes it feasible for us to do in a week, what most mortgage, title and judgment companies do in a year.  No one even comes close.

eRelations (Public Relations)

There is a nexus between technology and the advancement of businesses in their march towards goal achievement.  Bell North America Corporation has an unequaled ability to promote and advance a business's efforts, through the proper application of a broad spectrum, cost effective long range campaign that leverages every available resource in the most efficient and means enhancement fashion.  There are very few companies in the world who could boast the sorts of business development and eRelations development that we have accomplished.  Businesses we've confidentially "eRelated", have become giants in their respective industries.  From cradle to grave, from supply chain dynamic to demand chain dynamic, from labor to resource, from finance to rehab, there is nothing we can't repair, and nothing we can't successfully "eRelate".

Communications Convergence

For businesses and industry seeking to minimize costly communications overhead: while maximizing available seamless convergence of all forms of communications, Bell North America Corporation is the answer.  Our unparalleled products and services include a broad spectrum of manageable, managed high performance, low cost telephony, datacomm, internet, video conference, television, radio, telemetry, security and intercom/collaboration "Convergences". Bell North America Corporation offers unparalleled solutions.

Its not enough to simply offer component parts of any communications solution, however, complete integration is the dominant priority of necessity to every business.  Previous communications segments and channels have imposed limits on utility that have bred occasionally bad business practices, losses, and vulnerability.  By enhancing strategic approaches to overcome those limits, we are able to reduce expensive and unneeded waste by as much as 60%, while improving your company's ability to communicate internally and externally by as much as 250%.  The resulting work flow and marketing enhancements can as much as double annual revenues over a two year period while reducing expenses by between 15 and 25%.  Our practice extends to all aspects of the telephony, computational and internet space(s).

Management Enhancement and Fusion

Whether it be an infusion of advanced research, or just a simple solution to problems holding you back, along with our products and services in the C-Squared area, we provide a "Management Enhancement" program that's based on the belief that sometimes management becomes so embedded within the problems facing it, it can not objectively see as effective a way past them as an impartial observer with exceptional vision.  So, leveraging exceptional vision has become a very important trait at BNAC.  We are able to help where other companies can not, and while a magic bullet might not be available for every problem, a magic solution might be.  So, we call our program: "Magic Solutions".

Front and Back Office Technology - Corporate Services

One advantage offered by our product service program is the 'end to end' nature of what we provide.  It includes a broad variety of advantageous end point connection technologies, along with middleware and back end provisioning that reduces cost longitudinally and latitudinally.  The result: FBOT solutions that make a resounding contribution to the bottom line profitability, while eliminating expenses where the business might not have even noticed savings were possible. Whether we serve as your domestic representative or agent, or act as your presence provision, through our unique skills we insure you accomplish your goals with a new level of confidence and profitability.

Freight Transportation and Delivery Assurance Systems - Corporate

With the acquisition of Alliant International Freight Systems, Bell North America has entered into a partnership with corporate customers everywhere who ship products every day to customers across the globe.  When we receive their freight, we take a proactive position in assuring reliable delivery, eliminating risk and improving the customer perception of our clients.  With over 250 offices around the world, and nearly 600 delivery agency partnerships, Alliant is among the largest fulfillment and returns recovery supervision companies in the world.  And now, they are Bell Alliant!

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