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Alliant is a
leader in

We transport
freight, coal, oil,
gases, chemicals,
equipment and
for the oil,
coal, industrial
and technology

Alliant provides
freight services
to corporate
 and government

Alliant was
acquired in
2001 by the
Bell North




Please provide the following information to place a Confidential Freight Forwarding order.
Please not that all services and personal information are kept entirely confidential.


Your Name                   

Your Company              

Your email address:      

(must be a fixed account, freemail such as Yahoo or Hotmail are not accepted!)
Confirm email addr:      

(this must be valid or we will not be able to forward freight for you)

Your Business Phone Number:        

Your Cell-Phone or Evening No:      

Your (Shipper's) Legal Billing Address:         
(Include Name, Company, Street, City, State/Province, Region/Territory, Country, Postal Code)

Your (Shipper's) Legal Mailing Address:         
(if different from billing address)

--- For Modifying an existing Freight Shipment -----------------------------------------------------

If you are already a previously registered customer and have an Airbill you are modifying (note: you must obtain a Tracking Report first, and provide the information from it, in the below fields), please provide the following  information from your Tracking Report (use link above at left or click here to order it):

Customer-ID associated with this Airbill:
(must match your shipment's tracking report)

Customer Pin Number:
(must match your shipment's tracking report)

Previously issued Alliant Express Airbill Number:
(must match your shipment's tracking report)

Note: if you do not accurately provide the above three fields from your Tracking Report, we will be unable to modify your freight forwarding order.

--- Special Instructions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Please place your special instructions here:
(may result in a short delay to processing your order)

--- Consignment Details When Forwarding Freight to us for Forwarding: -------------------------------------

If you are ordering forward freight forwarding, not MODIFYING a prior shipment already assigned to an airbill,  please label the packages properly using the Consignee's Name and our address.

Please give the Consignee's Name to whom you want us to forward to:

Please give the Conginee's Phone Number (no Cellphones!):

Note: this phone number must be a working for the consignee in order for us to forward the freight.

Note: you must address all freight to be forwarded to the above
named person by shipping it to us EXACTLY as follows, unless you are
modifying a previously issued Airbill, which freight would already be in
our intransit/storage facilities:

                                     (Consignee Name Here) -  (Consignee Phone Number Here)
                                     c/o ALLIANT EXPRESS
                                     Suite 2000, Unit 5,
                                     6 Commerce Dr,
                                     Cranford, NJ 07016


Please make certain all freight you ship is addressed as indicated above, substituting the name you provided as Consignee for the "(Consignee Name Here)", and substituting the phone number of the consignee you provided for the "(Consignee Phone Number Here)". It is in this way we know where to forward your shipment to and who to contact.  Note: if the phone number provided is not valid for the consignee at the below forwarding destination address, your freight will not be forwarded until one is provided.

--- Forward to Destination Details ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Please provide the address you want us to forward your shipment to.  If you are modifying an existing Airbill,
or are ordering a new service, in either case use the following box to tell us where you want the freight

Consignment (Consignee's) Destination Address:      
(Include Name, Company, Street, City, State/Province, Region/Territory, Country, Postal Code )

Type of Service:               Ongoing    One Time

--- Agreement with Terms and Conditions -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

When we forward freight, you (the customer) are the shipper, we are the freight forwarder, the freight is the freight, and the destination is where the consignee is located.  In order to order freight forwarding services from Alliant Express, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.


I, the above named party and/or company listed above at "Your Name" and "Your Company" have read and understood, and hereby agree to and acknowledge all of the following:

--- Agreement as to hazardous materials: -------------------------------------------------------------------------

None of the freight I am forwarding violate trade restrictions or involve individuals, businesses
      or countries on the OFAC list maintained by the US Department of Treasury, or similar watch lists
      in other countries. None of the freight contain hazardous materials requiring special handling of
      any kind. I agree to obtain and submit any and all paperwork for end recipient authentication,
      along with any and all import and/or export licenses, approvals and clearances, and hereby fully
      indemnify Alliant Express (Standard Cargo Company) against all liabilities, claims and demands,
      and personally guarantee any and all loss, damage and/or theft claims with respect to
      the shipment.  I am the person named at the top of this form, and I am warranting that the
      materials I am shipping in no way violate any laws of the United States and in no way violate
      International laws, the laws of the high seas, nor the laws in the country(s) to whom I am
      forwarding this freight.

--- Agreement as to full payment non-refundable: ----------------------------------------------------------------

I agree to pay in full all shipping, duties, customs fees, brokerage fees, miscellaneous fees,
      taxes, recovery costs, insurance fees, and to the full value of the merchandise being forwarded,
      without regard to and waiving all claims against Alliant Express and Bell North
      America Corporation. I agree all fees are non-refundable and to render payment in advance
      as requested, and upon presentation of further payment demands.

--- Agreement as to terms and conditions: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

I agree to the standard terms and conditions for use of this website, the information on it,
      and governing my cargo shipment(s), as appears on the front and back of my cargo shipping
      contract with ALLIANT EXPRESS and in ALLIANT EXPRESS'S published terms and conditions.  I
      acknowledge that all freight forwarded by Alliant Express is done so expressly at my sole risk. 
      I hereby waive any and all claims against Alliant Express and agree to wholly and fully indemnify
      Alliant Express from any and all of my and/or any third party claims in any way related to this
      service and any freight shipments.

  By pressing "Submit", you automatically are agreeing to the above terms and conditions, whether you check the associated box or not.  If you do not wish to order the Freight Forwarding Service, or do not agree with any of the terms, press Cancel, and do not proceed with this order.  To Terminate a prior Freight Forwarding Service order, please contact us by phone at 866-836-1932.

Once you press submit, our systems will scan your submission, and either return an email with your placement bill, or submit your request to Customer Service Personnel, who will respond to you within 48 business hours by email or by phone.  You may be requested further information, if a special need arises.  Note all Freight Forwarding is subject to weight, measurement, handling, carrier insurance (if elected), fuel surcharge, customs duties, fees, and bond-payment. We do not accept third party credit cards and all shipments must be pre-paid prior to release.